When the alternative proves to be the best choice

theaccablog —  April 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.

Sometimes, the things we set out to achieve in our lives may not always fall into place. However, that doesn’t spell the end of our dreams. There are always options out there, and all it takes is for us to step out and explore the alternatives.

Our student ambassador Tan Xin Jian, who is also an ACCA intern from the 2014 ACCA Internship Programme shares with us his career aspirations.Oh! And, he has also recently landed himself a job at one of our Approved Employers! Great work there Xin Jian!

XinjianXin Jian says,

My career aspirations has always been to be an accountant.

Obtaining a local degree through the conventional route would be ideal but I wasn’t granted the opportunity due to my grades and studying abroad is an expensive option. So, I embarked in trying to look for what are some of the alternatives.

I knew the end goal was to become a Chartered Accountant and I asked myself how else can I get there? After some research, an ACCA qualification immediately stood out as a feasible option for me.

The requirements for becoming an ACCA student are simple and the rewards for reaching the finish line, huge. ACCA is known in the industry for its high standards in examining students and is always current with industry developments. Hence, completing it would prove my knowledge and capability.

Flexibility in my studies was another reason why I chose ACCA. There are many tuition providers in Singapore to choose from and I could choose between doing it full-time or part-time. ACCA also lets you pace yourself by giving you the freedom to decide how many papers you want to sit for and in which order.

I also knew that becoming an ACCA member would open many doors for me as it is recognised globally, an international passport that has a presence in over 173 countries.

I had the confidence that ACCA would not only help me become an accountant but also support me in my future career. ACCA has also recently become more engaging with its students by initiating programmes like internship and networking events. Hence, choosing ACCA was an easy choice for me.

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