ACCA & Proud: Members Advocacy Programme

theaccablog —  September 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

If we were to ask you, ‘What makes you proud to be an ACCA member?’, what would your answer be?

With over 178,000 members found across 181 countries across the continents, the answers we get are often as diverse as our membership.

However, the consensus is this: The day you became ACCA qualified was one of the proudest moments of your life.

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As a member, you belong to a community of thought-leaders and global influencers – professionals who continue to shape and contribute towards the accountancy profession in Singapore and beyond.

You are also highly regarded by employers for being technically competent, forward-looking and unquestionably well-equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

In other words, you are in demand.

As we continue to support your evolving ambitions and career development needs, we hope that you can contribute towards ACCA and work hand-in-hand with us as we develop the accountancy profession in Singapore.

The newly launched ‘ACCA & Proud’ Members Advocacy Programme provides a platform for you to contribute in whatever way you feel comfortable in.

Whether you have just qualified as a member or you have been a member for decades, we welcome your contributions, from participating as a panellist or speaker in one of our conferences, roundtables and workshops, volunteering as a remote mentor to help our students progress to membership, or sharing your ‘ACCA Journey’ with aspiring accounting professionals.

There is no prescriptive model here: you can decide how you want to contribute, and, together with ACCA, we will propose the most effective ways to get the most out of your valuable time.

The main ways to get involved include:

  • Participating as a panellist/speaker: Build your professional profile by participating as a panellist or a speaker in our extensive range of conferences, workshops, and business talks on the latest topics impacting today’s businesses.
  • Sharing your ‘ACCA Journey’: Provide aspiring accounting professionals with invaluable insights into the world of accounting by sharing how the ACCA qualification has helped you climb the corporate ladder.
  • Volunteering as a remote mentor: Help our affiliates become fully-qualified members by volunteering as a remote mentor to help them with their Practical Experience Requirement (PER).
  • Offering work placements: Groom the next generation of accountants by offering work placements and internships by participating in the ACCA Singapore Internship Programme.

Remember that it is not how much time you contribute, but what you contribute and how it helps us towards achieving our aim of being the leading global professional accountancy body.

To take the first step towards becoming a Member Advocate, please click here.

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