Best 5 Time Management Apps

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Ever wondered where those 24 hours disappeared to?  Wished there were 36-hour days instead?

Keeping Time

Here are five of the best apps that can help you become more productive and efficient in your studying life, working life, or just plain living.

(iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire)

Lists! Endless lists! On scraps of paper, left all over the house, office, library, bedroom, toilet, in the bottom of bags, in wallets, down the back of sofas, on fridges… everywhere!

It can be easy to spend more time writing to-do lists than ticking off the jobs on them.

But apps such as Wunderlist are here to help you. On Wunderlist you can write lists that save to the Cloud and will update across all your devices.

You can also make specific groups and invite other people to help work on a list – perfect for study or project groups.

You can also set reminders and due dates, make notes and use hashtags. It also looks really nice, clean and user friendly.

RescueTime or focus booster
(Mac, PC, Android, Linux)

Procrastination in a digital nation, a constant irritation!

With more and more of our lives spent online on our computers it’s easy to lose focus of the task in hand and become distracted, usually by social media or a favourite website.

What if you could measure your daily digital and online habits, so you could understand your rhythms and patterns?

Rescue Time and focus booster are analytical software/apps that measure your online and computer-based activity.

It can tell you how long you spend emailing, surfing websites (and what types), or social networking.

You can use them to block distracting websites, set times for activities (using the pomodoro technique apparently), and log accomplishments throughout the day.

(iOS, Android)

The name isn’t too catchy, and neither are the songs in this Spotify for studiers and workers, which is probably a good thing, after all singing or dancing along at your desk probably means you’re not getting too much work done.

There’s a fair amount of science behind this app, designed by neuroscientists with a unique library of instrumental songs, all of which have been re-edited and ‘scientifically optimised’ to enhance focus.

You can create timed sessions with different music intensity depending on what kind of task you’re doing – heavy metal for responding to emails, but ambient for studying bookkeeping perhaps.


The title is a word play based on Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but Mind42 (or mind-four-two) isn’t the answer to life, the universe and everything.

It is, however, a straightforward and sharable mind map tool, which if you haven’t used one, can be very useful when trying to connect disparate principals or theories, as you have to at university or during ACCA.

It’s also good for getting all your ideas into one place and connecting them together, which you can use for planning essays or even a holiday.

(Mac, PC, iOS, Android, iPad, Kindle)

Now you might not need this as much if all the able apps are doing their job already and you’re not surfing the web as much, watching cats do somersaults, or crazy driving in Russia.

However, Pocket is a very neat, attractive and easy to use bookmark-like tool that lets you save content to view at a later time.

It allows you to build an online magazine of content from different sites where so you don’t need to have loads of tabs open in your browser, or forget about things in your bookmark menu.


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