5 annoying apps that you’ll end up loving

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We love apps. We play with them, share with them and create with them.

But there are also those ‘unpleasant’ ones that are sometimes good for us, such as alarms, to-do lists, or fitness monitors.

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Here’s our list of the top five apps that you’ll hate to love, but that will help make you a more productive person.

BetterMe (iPhone) or Morning Routine (Android)

While some alarm clock apps are designed to make getting up more pleasant, BetterMe and Morning Routine are more ruthless.

Every time you hit snooze, BetterMe will post a message on your Facebook feed explaining that you were too weak to get up. So if you’re connected with classmates or even tutors, this can get embarrassing very quickly.

Meanwhile, Morning Routine is even more demanding.

This app requires you to scan a barcode to turn off the alarm. Before bed you choose a product to scan, for example, some breakfast cereal in the kitchen.

When the alarm goes off you have to get out of bed, go to the kitchen and scan the barcode on the cereal box to turn it off.

Harsh… but effective.

Focus Lock (Android)

If you’re easily distracted by your smartphone when trying to study, then apps like Focus Lock are perfect.

Focus Lock allows you to lock away your favourite and often most distracting apps on your phone for periods of time set by you.

For example, if you want to study for four hours, while taking 15 minute breaks every hour, you can programme Focus Lock to block your most distracting smartphone apps while you study, but then open for your 15 minute breaks.

Gym-Pact (iPhone, Android)

We all know that for a healthy mind, you need a healthy body, but when you’re juggling classes, revision, work and a social life, exercise can seem like a nuisance.

Put simply, Gym-Pact believes in ‘no pain, no gain’, so much so that it will give your money away if you don’t exercise.

Link your bank account to Gym-Pact and if you fail to go to the gym, and prove it by checking in with the app, it will take money from your account and give it to other users who had the determination to go to the gym.

On the plus side, if you do go to the gym, you’ll get money from those who didn’t.

RescueTime (Mac, PC, Android)

This app can be very annoying, particularly if you’re a procrastinator in denial, who deep down, knows help is needed.

RescueTime monitors the time you spend in applications and websites, and then sends you a weekly report by email.

With this you can then start changing your habits, so if you spend too much time on Facebook, YouTube or reading the news, you can block these sites while you’re studying.

For a future finance professional and leader, understanding and being able to change your behaviour is a valuable quality, and the earlier you can start to learn this, the better it will be for your future.

Carrot (Mac, iPhone)

Carrot is not your friend.

Carrot is very outspoken, difficult to please and generally unimpressed with your behaviour.

Carrot is a range of speaking artificial intelligence apps – an alarm, to-do list, fitness support, hunger management – that all require you to complete tasks to gain rewards, such as app upgrades and points.

However, if you fail your goals, Carrot gets upset and tells you so. It’s like being told off or motivated by Wall-E, and is ultimately quite good fun.


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