Exams Digest – Fundamentals Level Papers

theaccablog —  November 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Exams Digest

In Issue 1, we brought you some useful tips from the examiner’s report on Papers F1 to F3 (CBE & Paper exams) from January to June 2015.

We provide a summary of the various resources available for the remaining Fundamentals level papers.

(Tips for the Singapore variants for F4 Corporate & Business Law and F6 Taxation will be featured in another issue.)

Exam Support Resources for Fundamentals Level Papers

F5 Performance Management

F7 Financial Reporting

F8 Audit & Assurance

F9 Financial Management

More Study Resources

For those of you who have just started on your ACCA qualification journey and are looking for some tips, click here to see what your fellow ACCA student, Tarun Mohan, has to say. Tarun is just about to complete his final paper.  Learn some tips and tricks on how he got past the previous 13 examination papers.

Stay tuned for our upcoming issues on the Singapore variants of F4 Corporate & Business Law and F6 Taxation!

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