Beyond Borders: ACCA + Degree

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With the ACCA qualification and membership recognised globally, it is little wonder that our ACCA students come from all over the world, motivated by the global recognition of the ACCA qualification and lured by the promise of rewarding careers in the finance and accounting industry.

Wang Rui Qin - Pic

Like so many of her peers, our student ambassador, Wang Rui Qin, came all the way from China to Singapore, as a mere teenager on a government scholarship.  She progressed onward towards a degree in statistics at the National University of Singapore, where she also found the time to embark on the ACCA qualification on a part-time basis. She lets us in on how the journey has been so far.

You are not originally from Singapore. What brought you to the Lion City and what was it like in the beginning?

I came to Singapore on a school-based government scholarship in secondary three. When I first came, I had a hard time learning English and adjusting to the English-speaking environment.

Understanding this difficulty we faced, our school arranged English bridging courses and extra English classes to help us. We were encouraged to speak English among ourselves to practice and gain confidence. I remember spending weekends with friends at the public library to read English novels and memorize new vocabularies.

Our school also assigned us a mentor who brought us around Singapore, showing us places to eat, attractions to visit and explained to us the local culture. With her help, we were able to settle in much more smoothly.

How did your interest in accountancy begin?

Upon completing the four-year scholarship for secondary school and junior college, I went on to study at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where I majored in Statistics.

During my course of study, I took up a few accountancy modules as my elective. I found that, just like statistics, accounting is a subject that requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

As I begin to consider my future career prospects, I realized that the accountancy discipline offers more career opportunities since every company would require an accountant.

Why did you choose the ACCA qualification as your professional qualification of choice?

I searched the internet and discussed with my parents and decided that ACCA is the best accountancy qualification for me. It consists of three levels, each with a different certificate. I could pass each level at my own pace as a maximum candidature of 8 years is allowed.

The flexibility of the ACCA program also allowed me to study for it part-time while I was a full time NUS student. I obtained an ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business in my third year in NUS.

Being a globally recognized qualification, ACCA will greatly enhance my mobility in my future career.

I will be able to explore more opportunities and work in different parts of the world, since there are various jobs offered to ACCA-qualified professional accountants locally and overseas.

Completing a degree is challenging enough.  Why did you choose to add a professional qualification to your list of educational credentials?

Holding both a degree and a professional accounting qualification will allow me to choose from a larger pool of jobs that relates to either one of my field of studies. I find the two subjects relevant in helping me understand and analyze business data, which I believe will be useful in my work.

What do you aspire to be in the future?

I want to be an accountant. Obtaining the ACCA qualification will give me global recognition as a professional accountant, given ACCA’s global footprint.

The robustness of the qualification also means that I will be able to pursue countless opportunities and a promising career as a professional accountant in any industry and in any sector that I want.

Tell us about some of your memorable ACCA experiences.

I participated in the ACCA Career and Learning Day as a volunteer recently where I got to meet other ACCA students. We shared our future study plans and talked about how to meet the ACCA practical experience requirement. ACCA offers many platforms for students to communicate and share experience, so that we can learn from each other and grow together in our ACCA journeys.


We thank Ruiqin for spending some time with us and wish her all the very best in her ACCA studies and career. 

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