Millions of Opportunities, One Global Qualification: Banking & Finance

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Over the decades, the ACCA qualification has opened countless of doors to a myriad of career opportunities across a diverse range of industries for our members.  Apart from the finance, accounting and business industries, our 7,000 plus members in Singapore can be found in industries such as travel, technology, fashion, and banking and finance, where they contribute their technical expertise, knowledge and valuable experiences that help drive the growth of their organisations.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you our ‘Millions of Opportunities, One Global Qualification’ series as we feature some of our members working in these industries. So stay tuned!

Bhavani Shanmugabalan

To kick-off this series, we spoke to Bhavani Shanmugabalan FCCA, Product Controller (Currencies and Derivatives) of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Member of the ACCA Singapore Network Panel on how the ACCA Qualification not only equipped him with the right skills but also the mobility to pursue global career opportunities across diverse industries.

What did you aspire to be when you were young and why did you embark on the ACCA Qualification?

I wanted to work in the finance profession since young.

ACCA was a natural choice as it would provide me with the requisite skills and competencies, global recognition amongst the industry and profession, as well as that flexibility in being able to study either full-time or part-time.  It was this flexibility of being able to fit my studies around my life that allowed me to attain the ACCA Qualification within a shorter time frame.

What does your career journey look like?

My career journey started in an audit firm where I acquired robust technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of the various industry sectors.

Armed with these valuable competencies, I decided that it was time to explore career opportunities in another industry where I would be able to apply what I have learnt so far.

The call to move to the banking industry proved too loud to ignore. Despite being a great challenge initially, it provided me with the opportunity to foster an understanding of new knowledge, skills and experience that would certainly help me climb higher in the corporate world.

Having been in the banking industry for the past six years,  I still continue to learn and upskill myself through the many networking events and workshops organised by ACCA Singapore.

How did the ACCA Qualification help you achieve your career aspirations and your continuous climb up the career ladder?

Being globally recognised and having strong partnerships with several other bodies and employers, the ACCA Qualification has provided me with an edge with regard to career mobility. It is an instantly recognisable badge that identifies me as a finance professional who brings a breadth and depth of technical skills and knowledge to any organisation.

The ACCA Qualification and membership were my passports to securing career opportunities in London and the Middle East, making my career history as global as the ACCA Qualification.

Why the banking industry?

It’s a passion for challenges and continuous improvement, which I wanted and enjoyed much being in this industry.

What do you particularly enjoy about being a finance and accounting professional working in the banking industry?

My current role focuses beyond accounting issues and extends into investments, risk management, tax, regulatory requirements, business decisions and much more. These are very challenging tasks that ensure the learning curve is constantly steep. The exposure and experience gained are in line with my passion and I enjoy it very much.

If you had to give three reasons on why aspiring finance and accounting professionals should pursue the ACCA Qualification, what would these be?

  • It is a professional accounting qualification that is constantly updated in line with the demands of industry and employers.
  • It is globally recognised which means you will be a globally mobile professional who can pursue career opportunities across various industries, sectors and continents. 
  • It allows you to choose the pace you want to work at, how you want to study, and most importantly when you want to sit your exams. You can then study while working and become an ACCA member in as little as three years.


To find out about the millions of opportunities the ACCA Qualification could open up for you, please click here.


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