Highlights of the 2nd AGM of the ACCA Singapore Network

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We had a fruitful and engaging 2nd Annual General Meeting of the ACCA Singapore Network on Friday, 6 May 2016.


For those who were unable to attend the event, here are some highlights:

1. Election of New Network Panel Members

Four new members were successfully elected to the Network panel.

Let’s welcome the following:

  • Ms Chan Yen San, Partner, KPMG
  • Mr Rick Chan, Partner, Head of Audit and Assurance & Head of Technical and Training, Mazars LLP
  • Ms Emily Zhao Jianmin, Vice President, Head of Capital Planning for Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse, AG
  • Mr Albert Tan, CFO, Singapore eDevelopment Limited

Prior to the voting, each candidate gave a short introductory speech on why they were standing for elections and what their aspirations for ACCA are.

Two common themes stood out clearly: A great sense of members’ pride and deep gratitude to ACCA.

For Yen San and Albert, ACCA provided them with a viable option for their continuing education after their polytechnic diplomas and the qualification has indeed brought them very far since.

For Rick and Emily, theirs is a story of how ACCA brought them opportunities beyond borders and industries. Rick attributed his successful career now in Singapore to the ACCA exams  he took at a private school in Malaysia.

For Emily, she was once a nurse who dreamt big about having a job at “the high-rise office buildings in the CBD”. She googled and found ACCA as a preferred qualification to a professional career and pursued her dream. She not only completed her exams in 2 years, but ended up being a 6-time prize winner in the ACCA exams!

2. Retiring Members

With the election of the new panel members, we would also like to thank four retiring members who have selflessly given their time to ACCA.

  • Mr Shanker Iyer, Founder and Chairman, Iyer Practice
  • Mr Lim Chuang, Retired
  • Mr Chinnu Palanivelu, Partner (Audit and Assurance), CA Trust PAC
  • Mr Zahabar Ali, Managing Partner, Parkinsons CPA LLP

3. Sub-Committees

Extensive consultative work was done to improve the existing sub-committee structure.

We are pleased to announce the new sub-committees, their plans and their achievements.

  • Practitioners’ Forum – to cater to the needs and interests of members in practice
  • Smart Finance – to explore emerging trends and topics in finance
  • SME Finance Transformation – to support SMEs in achieving finance transformation
  • Careers – to support students, affiliates and younger members in employability and career advancement

4. Council Member Communication

ACCA Global Council Member Ms Belinda Young shared on the roles played by the Global Council and detailed the key deadlines leading to the Council Election in the UK.

She also introduced three potential candidates standing for election:

  • Mr Shanker Iyer, Founder and Chairman, Iyer Practice
  • Mr James Lee, Director (Financial Services), Southbeach Consortium Pte Ltd
  • Mr Gabriel Low, CFO (SEA), GEA Westfalia Separator

5. Question and Answer Session

There were no questions from the audience but two senior members gave constructive feedback for the Panel.

Ng Boon Yew, Chair of the ACCA Accountancy Futures Academy and ACCA Board of Trustee Member:

Boon Yew called for the panel to take a broader and outward perspective of the changing role of the accountant and how ACCA can stay relevant in the future of the profession and in Singapore

Kaka Singh, Ex-President of the ACCA Local Executive Committee:

Kaka called for the panel to focus on the needs of the PMET Accountants who might be sandwiched between the high performers who are self-reliant and the lower-tier who may have access to government assistance. He also called for the panel to inspire the PMETs to upgrade themselves with the Masters programme and enrol in continuing education to be up-to-speed with latest trends. (e.g. IT/Tax/Cloud)

The above issues are reflective of the concerns held by many of our members.

In response, the panel and the Singapore office referred to the “100 Drivers of Change” report where ACCA discussed the challenges that lie ahead and how these may be overcome.

Some examples of the initiatives taken by ACCA to address these trends include:

  • Continuing to lead the research into the future of the profession
  • Future-proofing the ACCA Curriculum
  • SkillsFuture discussion to address the needs of the PMETs
  • Equipping our members with new skills through CPD (e.g. Business Analytics and Analysis skills)

As ACCA Singapore celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2016, we are at  an exciting time to take-stock, look ahead and chart out the future of our professional body.

With the new panel and new sub-committees in place, we have the right talents and support infrastructure to continue the innovation process!

You can view pictures of the AGM on our Facebook page here.

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