Exam Digest – Issue 1

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Exams Digest - Sept 2016

As the next exam season gets near, we believe that you must be spending most of your waking hours studying for your papers. It is rigorous and may not be easy, but just remember, no pain no gain!

Based on the most recent (June 2016) exam, we have put together bite-sized information to supplement your revision, which includes examiner’s reports, lecturers’ tips, and revision resources.

We are committed to help you succeed for the upcoming examinations, whether you are a self-study student or a student with an ALP.

F4 w

Summary of Examiner’s Report

Candidates performed well in:

  • law and legal system,
  • offer and acceptance,
  • fraudulent and criminal behaviour,
  • minority protection and
  • loan capital.

Candidates performed inadequately in:

  • share capital,
  • formation and constitution of company,
  • management of company and
  • corporate rescue.

More study resources for F4

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F5 w

Summary of Examiner’s Report

Candidates preparing for F5 are advised to work carefully through the sample questions available in the pilot paper and carefully review how each of the correct answers are derived for Section A.

For Section B, there was a variance question which many candidates did not appear to know about these variances in detail for discussion.

The second question was based entirely on discussion of a given break-even chart where candidates were required to do calculations as well as the explanation of the cost/revenue structure.

Question 3 was a classic activity-based costing (ABC) question where candidates are required to provide a calculation of the ABC as well as a discussion if whether the company should implement ABC.

Question 4 was on transfer pricing where candidates had to calculate the incremental loss per component for the group. This was a simple calculation where external buying cost less internal production cost.

The final question in Section B was a relevant costing question within the context of a shutdown decision, where students would be required to put in some thought before putting pen to paper.

More study resources for F5

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F6 w

Summary of Examiner’s Report

The majority of candidates were able to complete all questions in the paper. However, candidates were generally more confident in dealing with computation questions rather than qualitative questions.

Section A’s MCQs cover the syllabus broadly as standalone questions, so if you wish to score well, you should aim to revise all areas of the F6 syllabus.

Section B consists of six questions to test candidate’s understanding and application of the Singapore tax rules in depth and they include topics such as:

  • Withholding tax implications
  • GST
  • Taxation of divisible profits of an LLP
  • Capital allowances claim, balancing allowance and claiming/carrying forward of donations
  • Taxation of employment income
  • Company taxation

More study resources for F6

Get all that you need to know about the F6 paper here.

We hope that this issue of the Exams Digest has been helpful to you, and will be back next week for the other remaining Foundation papers that you might sit for in September.

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