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If you have been keeping up to date with our events, you will recall that just a couple of months ago ACCA Singapore welcomed all of ACCA’s 36 global council members to Singapore and to have them experience for themselves the vibrancy of Singapore membership. The visit by the global council reaffirms the importance of Singapore to ACCA.

Today, Singapore is proud to be fifth in terms of membership in the world.

Collectively, we do have a loud voice in shaping ACCA’s global policies to enable it to remain as the world-leading and highly respected professional body of choice.

Vote for Singapore’s continued presence in the Global Council

It is vital that Singapore’s voice is represented at the Global Council. We have been fortunate to have Ms Belinda Young as our Singapore representative since 2009.

However, with the ending of her term, it is now imperative that we have a worthy successor to continue with this important work.

This year, Mr Gabriel Low and Mr James Lee will be representing Singapore at the election.

For a list of their contributions, please click here or continue reading below.



Give back to ACCA what it has given us.

Where will ACCA be in 2025?

Is ACCA sufficiently connected to, and relevant to, a world with disruptive technologies and without borders?

These are questions that keep many of us awake at night.

I seek to contribute to:

  1. championing the cause of, and the development of relevant business and accounting practises for SMEs and commerce.
  2. ensure ACCA remains a powerful and important qualification acknowledged by countries around the world.
  3. entrench good education pathways for ACCA members to further their qualifications globally, thereby making ACCA a valued first qualification.
  4. join a chorus of voices seeking to future proof and globalise ACCA beyond geographical and man-made borders.

I am currently working in the GEA Group, a large German engineering MNC for the past 16 years. My current role is the Asia Pacific head of shared services for HR and accounting. My current role is to set up a shared services organisation for the APAC region, which accounts for 25% (Eur 1.1 billion) of GEA’s business. Prior to taking on this recent role, I was for 15 years the mechanical equipment segment CFO for the South East Asian region. My frequent travel across APAC for work has given me a good understanding of how APAC ticks.

Prior to GEA, I was leading finance in the Eu Yan Sang group and Cadbury Schweppes Singapore. I started my career in Coopers and Lybrand.

Serving in ACCA is something valuable to me.

Some of these activities include:

  • being on ACCA’s global forum for SMEs.
  • representing ACCA on national radio talk shows, TV and press on some topics close to ACCA’s agenda – some of these include SMEs, working capital, the changing roles of a CFO and crowd funding.
  • presenter on ACCA’s online ‘Accounting For Futures’ web conference in 2013.
  • having featured in ACCA publications and web production videos on small business.

I am also chairman, speaker and panellist in many CFO and HR events in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Topics I speak on are in the areas of innovation, expanding business in the region, developing finance talent, globalisation, SMEs’ challenges and the transforming roles of CFOs. Please Google me for some of these snippets.

I studied ACCA in the backstreets of Malaysia, graduated in 1988, got on a train and came to Singapore for my first job, with two months of savings in the bank account. Singapore is my home, for the past 27 years. I completed my MBA in 2013, am a CPA Australia and CA Singapore member.

ACCA has been the enabler in my life and for many of us as well. My wish is to now serve in a larger way and give back to ACCA.

I believe my current close interactions with ACCA Singapore would put me in a good position to understand what makes ACCA tick. My long APAC exposure would also enable me ‘connect the dots’ of APAC, within the Council.

 Please vote for me.



We passed ACCA examinations, a common past for us to qualify as members today. At present, I am as honoured as you about our membership and excited about what I can do to serve you for the future.

ACCA’s 2020 vision is to be #1 in developing professional accountants the world needs. It is critical for members to align to this vision and ensure we are fit for the future too. Accountancy future, competency framework and integrated reporting are some of the initiatives to achieve the vision; I have contributed as a member in voluntary service to you at ACCA for our development.

I have served ACCA as a member of Council, Market Oversight Committee, Research Committee, International Assembly, Social Committee and local network panel member since 2008. The experience I gained is beneficial to you having a Council member who has intimate knowledge of ACCA and the profession. It is also important to ensure our members are ‘fit for employment’; I participated in active engagements with the regulators, professional experts, recruitment firms, educational institutions, approved employers and government agencies to ensure we stay relevant, engaged and influenced its development so that ACCA can achieve its status as the ‘professional of choice’ in employment and practice for you.

To the profession, I serve as practice monitoring committee with the regulator, examination reviewer with the polytechnic and course developer with a university. Such service ensures that ACCA has top mindshare among the various stakeholders.

To serve on Council is a commitment I make to you, this commitment demands the skills and experience I have to serve you effectively. I humbly share with you some of my attributes that will serve you well:

  • a competent communicator who can articulate issue at discussion and involve others to participate
  • commitment to the development and growth of ACCA
  • understand strategic and tactical plans and its execution in organisations
  • familiar with ACCA’s agenda and commit members to its value
  • conversant on governance and oversight matters, role of committees and its term of reference
  • ability to understand sound corporate governance practice, and distinguish between executive and non-executive functions and responsibilities.

I am director, financial services at The South Beach, an iconic luxury designer hotel in a mixed development in downtown Singapore.

My experience as a professional accountant in business will be contributory to many matters we need to strategies and deliberate at Council. The diversity I can bring to Council is beneficial to a balanced and well considered decision making process at Council for you.

Having your support to vote me on Council, I will be your advocate to ensure that our future is always at the forefront of our development for us to be ‘fit for the future’ jointly and collectively.

We are members in common, past and present.

My commitment to you is for us to stay in common to our future development for ACCA as the leading professional body the world needs.

Thank you for your vote of confidence to our bright future at ACCA!

Next steps

  • Please support and vote for them, so that they can continue to represent our members in Singapore. There are 2 ways to vote, online or via proxy.Please exercise your right to vote to protect the interests of ACCA (Click Here to Vote Online)
  • Alternatively, you may appoint our Singapore-based Council member, Ms Belinda Young, as proxy to vote on your behalf. (Download Proxy Form Here) Proxy Forms must be sent to the ACCA Singapore Office or emailed to by 12.00 noon on 5 September 2016.

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