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Another successful event at the ACCA Singapore Career & Learning Festival 2016!

With a focus on getting ACCA students and affiliates ready for the corporate workplace, the 2016’s Career & Learning Festival (#ACCACareerFest2016) which happened on 5 and 11 November 2016 was a roaring success.tee-yong-hui-acca-student


The opening of the ACCA Singapore Career & Learning Festival 2016

The day started with an ACCA New Affiliates Ceremony, where we celebrated the achievements of our affiliates who completed the 14 ACCA papers, embarking on the second part of their journey to becoming ACCA members.

“Not an easy feat”, in the words of Reuter Chua, Head of ACCA Singapore.

Certainly, it wasn’t easy, hence there sense of pride in the room was evident. What’s more obvious about the atmosphere that morning is the camaraderie, and the eagerness to meet with fellow ACCA affiliates and to start their very own network within the professional body that brought them this far.

The day continued at the Career and Learning Festival where our affiliates and students got to meet up with some of our Approved Employers, as well as  listen in to career and industry talks which were beneficial to their careers . This is also the first year we have extended the Career Festival to 2 days, where day 2 is a virtual segment that took place on 11 November 2016.


14 Approved Employers participated, with over 400 members, affiliates and students who attended the festival across the 2 days, who also brought along friends who were keen to take up ACCA.  This was where our Approved Learning Providers (ALPs) played a part at the festival.lsbf

SIM Global Education was also on hand to encourage attendees to work towards the ACCA-UOL Masters of Science in Professional Accountancy

The first talk was by Ms Yap Mei Cheng, a professional trainer who gave attendees a low down on how to prepare for their next interview. The all important skill to land themselves a job. This was followed by Ms Esther Thng, Head of Education for ACCA Asia Pacific who gave the audience an idea what is expected from finance professionals of the future, and this is on the back of the global ACCA research – Professional Accountants – the future. 

Keeping up with expectations of the future, and knowing how to manage your next interview is only one part of getting that job! We emphasised the importance of grooming via our guest speaker, Ms Florinda Tay, Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay Singapore. It was a fun session where attendees were given examples on what’s business-acceptable and what’s not.

What attracted the crowds really were the talks from two of our industry speakers. We had the honour of having Ms Aniska Moss, Global Accounting Centre Controller from UPS as well as Mr Srinivasan Venkita, President & Global Head – Finance, Olam Group coming to share with the audience their career journeys and what is required to be in corporate finance.


The virtual segment of the career festival that took place on 11 November 2016 also drew a lot of questions and given that this is the first time we did this online, we certainly look forward to creating more of such engagement platform.

If you were at the ACCA Singapore Career & Learning Festival and would like to give us some feedback, do drop them in the comments section below. We would love to know how to improve!

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