Harnessing happiness in the workplace for #GenerationNext

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What makes you really happy at your workplace? And, are Generation Next (better known as the millennials) a happier lot? Are millennials disloyal to their employers?”

What keeps millennials happyat the workplace-

These and much more were all the buzz at the joint event with SIM Professional Development last Friday, 10 March 2017, where we had  Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief  at Delivering Happiness take the stage and shared her views. Sunny’s mission is to inspire others to live big through being true to themselves, and we are very sure many of our guests left the event inspired.By 2020, millennials will make up about 35% of the workforce (source: Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision) , hence it is important for us to understand what makes them tick and how to ensure they remain engaged at work.

Sunny shared that happiness at work is often linked to having a sense of purpose and this is no secret formula as it has worked regardless of background, ethnicity or even age.


Sunny shared that “Culture is the new contract”. How we define happiness in the workplace is all within how the workplace culture is built. 

However, this has become even more important now because of the rise of Generation Next, as they are more likely to leave a job, high paying or not, if it lacks any meaning or purpose.

Beyond having a sense of control in what they do, knowing that they have made significant progress, Generation Next is also looking for a substantial number of deep relationships which will eventually make them feel part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

Wong Jin Feng, an Audit Senior with EY Singapore, who was a panelist at the  event concurred.

“We, millennials are very new to the workforce. We need our seniors to help us and mentor us to understand the reasons behind what we are asked to do.”

This explains what was reported in the Professional Accountants -the future : Generation Next report by ACCA where on the job learning and mentoring are found most effective for career development by generation next globally.

What does this then mean to employers?

One of the panelist, Chiew Chun Wee , Head of Policy , ACCA Asia Pacific mentioned that one way to help millennials find a purpose in their jobs would be to create job scopes that will allow for them to gain a lot of experience in different areas.

Jonathan Chua, Co-founder and CEO of Grdient added that having a sense of purpose goes beyond working for some big brand name. He rather millennials “work for me because you want to and not because you have to”.

We guess, very much like how Sunny started the session to say, “Happiness is the purpose of our existence. Happiness is dependent on ourselves.”


In the same vein, for millennials who are reading this right now, we also urge you to take a step back, evaluate your existing career choice.

Choose one that provides you the purpose you are looking for, and for those who are starting out, it is not how big the company is or how good the brand name. It is whether you get the support you need and whether of not your values are aligned with your employer.


This event was a roaring success with so much to discuss and debate about.

What are your views? Do you think happiness is a key to productivity in the workplace? And is it entirely dependent on the choices you make for yourselves? 



Our distinguished panelist who contributed to a very lively discussion on whether happiness is the secret ingredient to productivity of #generationnext in the workplace. (From left to right, Chiew Chun Wee, Joshua Yim, Jonathan Chua, Sunny Grosso, Wong Jin Feng and Akshobh Giridahradas. 

Thank you to Sunny Grosso for flying in to spend an afternoon with us.  

We would also like to thank Akshobh Giridharadas, a well seasoned journalist with a local media for taking the time out to moderate the panel discussion that gave the audience a lively insight into the discussion on how happiness is a big part of corporate culture alongside a distinguished panel:

Chiew Chun Wee – Head of Policy for Asia Pacific, ACCA 

Joanthan Chua – Co-founder & CEO, Grdient

Wong Jin Feng – Audit Senior , EY Singapore & ACCA Generation Next Leader

Joshua Yim – Founder & CEO, Achieve Group 


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