5 reasons why you should attend a career fair

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Many years ago, as an undergraduate, the only reason why I ever visited a career fair is with the hope of landing myself a job. I will go to each employer’s booth, scan through a list of positions available and if I don’t find anything suitable, I move on.

That can very well still be a reason for many of you right now. However, career fairs can bring you so much more benefits in terms of getting yourself prepared for your first or even next career. And attending career fairs, should be part of your career strategy, whether or not you are a freshie or looking for a change,  and here’s why:
1) Opportunity to meet up with potential employers
With so many employers available at the career fair, it is an opportunity to understand the values of the company (whether it aligns with our own ) and more specifically, the types of roles they employ for. Sometimes, due to peer influence or what we have been exposed in school or what we see in the media, there’s a tendency to have a set mind of landing a particular dream jobs. Speaking to employers allows you to uncover some lesser known yet interesting career pathways that could be the next big thing in the industry.
2) Up your networking skills
While accountants and finance professionals are still in demand, employers are looking at communication skills that includes but not limited to interpersonal, writing and verbal, when they are looking the right candidate. A career fair is a perfect platform, to not only hone your networking skills with your peers, but also that with the employers present. Everyone says practice makes perfect, so why not take advantage of a career fair then?
3) Practise your elevator pitch 
Linked to the point above of practice makes perfect,  very often, in an interview you are only given less than a minute to talk about yourself. And, that’s how much time you have to put together an interesting pitch to impress your interviewer. How better to test and deliver that pitch over and over again, so that you can ace it when it comes to that all important interview? Well, at a career fair, that practice might also be met with feedback on how to perfect that pitch!
4) Get your resumes checked out 
The very first but crucial step of nailing that dream job is to ensure what your potential employers read about you fits what they are looking for.  Yes. Your resume is really your very first chance to  make an impression. The opportunity to meet with employers at a career fair also gives you a chance to seek their expert views on what needs improving on your resume. Feedback like these goes a long way.
5) Create your own industry network 
Lastly, career fairs allows you to meet up with like-minded people. Those who possibly have the same aspirations as you. More so for career fair like ACCA’s, you will also run into members from different backgrounds and walks of life who are more than willing to dish out career advice. Keeping them in your network before actually starting on your first job is means you know who you can go to should you have questions, no only about career but maybe even technical accountancy & finance issues.
We hope these should convince you enough to sign up for the next career fair that comes your way!
The ACCA Singapore Career and Learning Fair 2017 – #CareerExchange is back this year, on the 27th of May 2017, with plenty of opportunities for your resumes to be checked out and you will get to engage yourself in a speed interviews on top of just meeting up with our approved employers. 
We have also arranged an entrepreneurship showcase at the career fair where those of you who have started a business, no matter big or small can share your ideas or sell your wares to those visiting the fair. 
If you are keen to join us at the career fair, register your interest here. 
An entrepreneur  and have got something to showcase? Email us at marketing.sg@accaglobal.com. 

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