Singapore Ethics Film Festival brings ethics to life in support of EPSM launch

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13 Oct, 6.45PM @ GV Suntec City (1)

ACCA Singapore’s Ethics Film Festival 2017 promoted the importance of ethics to more than 800 members & Profession in Accounting.

With the objective of creating greater awareness of professionalism and ethics in accountancy and business; as well as to demonstrate that the ACCA Qualification leads the profession in championing ethics, the ACCA Ethics Film Festival was conceptualised as a refreshing way to lead up to the launch of the Ethics and Professional Skills module (EPSM).

The Festival screened films such as Unraveled, The Insider, Inside Job and Wizard of Lies. The movies were followed by discussions post-screening as well as professional development seminars to help the sector reflect and internalise the lessons.

Participants of the two-week long festival shared that the event was interesting as this was the first time a professional body is using films to promote a cause.

Ms Sylvie Soulier, our special guest from IESBA graced our opening film with a very engaging and inspiring keynote which put into perspective the relevance of ethical behaviours as a professional accountant.

What followed was an energetic exchange in an audience of 200 (although it was already 9pm), which dissected the opening movie “Unraveled” and explored the subject matter deeper.

The film festival received many accolades from members and partners.

‘The ACCA Film Festival is a wonderful way for us to learn and interact with like-minded professionals. Instead of classroom-based learning, which many of us may not be able to set aside time for, a movie is a great thought-provoking entertainment that we can all appreciate.  More importantly, it raises awareness of how we can deal with the challenges without compromising on our integrity. It was heartening to see a professional body use films to generate discussions over these issues’

  • Ng Kian Hui, Audit & Technical Partner, BDO LLP Singapore

Accounting professionals are expected to carry out their technical roles with highest standards of integrity, independence and skepticism; not just to guide their personal behavior, but also detect and deter any unethical behavior that may tarnish the profession’s reputation. The Film Festival was a novel way for us to showcase and propagate strong ethical standards through ethics in action and we are happy that the festival managed to bring that message through.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our festival supporters, partners and sponsors. Without whom, the festival wouldn’t have been successful.

To revisit some of the events you can watch them at the follow links:

  • Inspiring keynote by Ms Sylvie Soulier, our special guest from IESBA
  • Sharing session by whistleblower – Sylvian Mansotte and retired journalist Conrad Raj


13 Oct, 6.45PM @ GV Suntec City

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