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In an interview with CNBC, self-made billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the hit ABC reality show “Shark Tank,” said that if he lost everything overnight, he could do it all again. Whilst he expressed doubts that he might be a billionaire again, he had no doubts that he would become a multimillionaire again.

Panel discussion

At the ACCA’s #SmartPractice Event on 19 May. From left to right: Joseph Alfred, Head of Policy at ACCA and moderator for the panel discussion (standing) ; Lau Kah Hee, Partner, Derrick Wong & Lim BC LLP (ACCA); Gajendran Vyapuri, Partner, EY Singapore; K G Tan, Managing Director, Precursor; Alan Chang, Managing Director, OA International; Shivaji Das, Partner and Head of Consulting (APAC), Frost & Sullivan; and Jocelyn Goh, Partner – Audit & Assurance, BDO and moderator for the panel discussion (standing)



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Cybersecurity. A topic that’s been well discussed in recent years thanks to rapid technology advances and greater interconnectivity due to the internet of things (IoT).

That was what some of our members came together to discuss and debate last Tuesday. More importantly, the question of how to build trust in the digital age is critical to ensure sustainability of businesses.

We are very honored to have partnered with PwC Singapore to present the first event in the ACCA Singapore’s Smart Finance Series  where we aim to bring cutting edge industry issues to the forefront.

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Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of prizewinner?

We speak to Trisha Lee, who is placed 9th in Singapore and 82nd worldwide from the June 2016 exams, who would like to share her exam tips with you!

Trisha Lee

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The Gender Agenda

theaccablog —  March 2, 2016 — Leave a comment

In view of International Women’s Day that falls on 8 March every year, we thought it would be apt for us to visit an issue impacting women in business – Gender Diversity.

With gender diversity on boards and senior levels still an issue for many organisations and despite mounting research on the business case for diversity, there remains hurdles that have to be overcome.

According to our report, ‘Increasing Gender Diversity to Boost Performance’, these hurdles include lack of commitment to diversity initiatives around the business, pressure to focus on short-term financial results and lack of investment in training and mentoring.

So how then can women flourish and put themselves forward to stand in line for promotions and senior roles?

LinkedIn- Gender Agenda

An MBA can go a long way in helping women to better prepare themselves for promotions and senior management roles and give themselves that added edge to climb the corporate ladder.

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Let’s face it – we all have tasks to do. How we manage those tasks change from person to person – but generally you will find some sort of to-do list useful.

Using to-do lists in a business environment improves productivity – you just need to look at what tasks you need to do and tick them off accordingly.

Sounds simple, right?

Controlling your to-do list

But often, to-do lists become part of the workload themselves. They grow exponentially and become unmanageable, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and ineffective.

By tailoring your to-do lists with a few easy steps, you can regain control of your tasks at hand, and feel overwhelmed no longer!

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