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Entrance to ACCA’s new international office in Singapore.

After 17 years at our Orchard premises, ACCA Singapore moved into its new home today. For someone who’s been with the organisation almost as long (I have been with ACCA for 13 years), it’s a landmark occasion.

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Congratulations to Gao Zhixuan for attaining the highest score globally for the ACCA F5 paper in Performance Management!


We also asked him to share his opinion on how to achieve good results.

I think that to score well merely memorizing formulas, definitions, FRS rules or advantages/disadvantages of systems and models will not be sufficient. One has to understand the underlying reasons or problems that systems and models are trying to address. It is crucial to first understand the big picture and then drill down to the details and calculations. Also as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, it is cliche but also a golden rule as through the application of knowledge we can discover areas that we have not yet understand

We hope Zhixuan’s words of wisdom will help all of you aspiring accountants!

Singapore’s Global Paper Winner!