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We are holding our inaugural ACCA Finance and Accounting Technical Conference 2015! This is the first time we dedicate a full day to bringing you the latest updates and technical developments within the sector.

This high-intensity technical conference on 23 October 2015 will provide you with a comprehensive update of all the relevant changes and significant technical developments in corporate reporting, tax and the legal environment.

Additionally, the conference will touch on cybersecurity and data analytics, allowing you to be fully prepared for the new skill-sets and knowledge that will be required working in a digital environment.

This is the conference for all accounting and finance professionals, so don’t miss it!

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Developing a strategy to combat and mitigate the risks of cyber security is a must-do for organisations of today, and is not an area of concern purely for the IT department.

Poor management of advanced digital threats can sometimes result in a loss of company valuation and in some circumstances, the termination of high-level executives, as we have seen in recent corporate cases.

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To address the risks associated with cyber threats, we recently partnered the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) to organise a breakfast seminar entitled ‘Cyber attacks: how vulnerable are you?’ that explored the following:

  • How are cyber attacks happening and why are traditional defences failing to stop them?
  • What can be done to fix the problem?

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