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Pick up any business magazine and there is likely to be an article about the implications of millennials in the workplace – their likes, dislikes, work habits and aspirations. But are the youngest generation at work today innately different from those in whose footsteps they are following? Are their career aspirations and work preferences truly at odds from generations before?

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Entrance to ACCA’s new international office in Singapore.

After 17 years at our Orchard premises, ACCA Singapore moved into its new home today. For someone who’s been with the organisation almost as long (I have been with ACCA for 13 years), it’s a landmark occasion.

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What makes you really happy at your workplace? And, are Generation Next (better known as the millennials) a happier lot? Are millennials disloyal to their employers?”

What keeps millennials happyat the workplace-

These and much more were all the buzz at the joint event with SIM Professional Development last Friday, 10 March 2017, where we had  Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief  at Delivering Happiness take the stage and shared her views. Sunny’s mission is to inspire others to live big through being true to themselves, and we are very sure many of our guests left the event inspired. Continue Reading…


With much happening in the world today, from Brexit to Trump’s presidency, business leaders are beginning to look into the views of economists to help steer their strategy for the year ahead. There is no better time to do so than at the start of a new year.

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Cybersecurity. A topic that’s been well discussed in recent years thanks to rapid technology advances and greater interconnectivity due to the internet of things (IoT).

That was what some of our members came together to discuss and debate last Tuesday. More importantly, the question of how to build trust in the digital age is critical to ensure sustainability of businesses.

We are very honored to have partnered with PwC Singapore to present the first event in the ACCA Singapore’s Smart Finance Series  where we aim to bring cutting edge industry issues to the forefront.

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