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Exam Digest – Issue 4

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Exams Digest - Sept 2016


In this issue of ACCA Singapore’s Exams Digest, we will focus on revision for the last P papers, P4, P5 and P6. You will find the summary of examiner’s reports and revision resources below, based on the most recent (June 2016) exam. As you go through your revision, do revisit areas you have previously struggled with during the learning phase, and ensure that you are confident with the knowledge needed to pass the exam. Our mock exams will ensure that you cover everything and you can practice good time management too.

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Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of prizewinner?

We speak to Trisha Lee, who is placed 9th in Singapore and 82nd worldwide from the June 2016 exams, who would like to share her exam tips with you!

Trisha Lee

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Exam Digest – Issue 2

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Exams Digest - Sept 2016

We are back with the 2nd issue of ACCA Singapore’s Exams Digest. In this issue, we will focus on revision for the papers F7, F8 and F9. Based on the most recent (June 2016) exam, we have put together bite-sized information to supplement your revision, which includes examiner’s reports, lecturers’ tips, and revision resources.

Apart from these resources, we would like to remind you that there are also quarterly Masterclasses you can attend face-to-face or online to polish up on your exam-taking techniques.

We are committed to help you succeed for the upcoming examinations, whether you are a self-study student or a student with an ALP.

And, if you are in doubt on any exam topic or if you have any queries at all, we welcome you to come talk to us at

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Test Grade

With the release of the ACCA June 2016 exams results, we want to say “Well done!” to the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students on the ACCA Accelerated Pathway Programme (AAPP). This batch of NYP students obtained a fantastic passing rate which substantially surpassed our global average for the ACCA F8 exam.

As the NYP-AAPP students start preparation for the F9 exam soon, they will also be embarking on their enhanced internship with Ernst & Young in September.

Approved Employers who are interested in accessing talent through the programme, please contact ACCA Singapore.

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To support our students with their progression, we are making our exams more flexible.

As part of this, we offer a number of Foundation Level and all our Knowledge level exams as on-demand Computer Based Exams (CBEs).

These exams provide you greater flexibility to schedule your exams outside of our four exam session weeks and provide you with instant results.

Blog- Withdrawal of paper-based exams

We are withdrawing the paper based exams, currently available as on-demand CBE, in a phased market by market approach.

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