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Cybersecurity. A topic that’s been well discussed in recent years thanks to rapid technology advances and greater interconnectivity due to the internet of things (IoT).

That was what some of our members came together to discuss and debate last Tuesday. More importantly, the question of how to build trust in the digital age is critical to ensure sustainability of businesses.

We are very honored to have partnered with PwC Singapore to present the first event in the ACCA Singapore’s Smart Finance Series  where we aim to bring cutting edge industry issues to the forefront.

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After a successful run of our inaugural ACCA Finance & Accounting Technical Conference last year, we are back again with an even broader and deeper suite of topics for leaders in accountancy and finance, this time over  2 DAYS!

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ACCA recently released a report entitled ‘The Global SMP business model: understanding a changing profession’ that provides a unique insight into how the SMP business model is changing to adapt to a new reality.

If you are a finance and accounting professional, this report makes for an interesting read because it is the first study to provide a detailed map of the sector’s service offering, its growth prospects and the source and value of its diverse skills across different countries.


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We are holding our inaugural ACCA Finance and Accounting Technical Conference 2015! This is the first time we dedicate a full day to bringing you the latest updates and technical developments within the sector.

This high-intensity technical conference on 23 October 2015 will provide you with a comprehensive update of all the relevant changes and significant technical developments in corporate reporting, tax and the legal environment.

Additionally, the conference will touch on cybersecurity and data analytics, allowing you to be fully prepared for the new skill-sets and knowledge that will be required working in a digital environment.

This is the conference for all accounting and finance professionals, so don’t miss it!

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With the proliferation of alternative forms of finance such as online crowdfunding platforms, it is not inconceivable that crowdfunding via online platforms could become a major source of corporate finance. Concurrently, some have observed that traditional banks have been slow to respond to the digital innovations that are radically changing business models.

It was against this backdrop that we organised our inaugural professional debate on the topic of ‘Exploring the changing frontiers of corporate finance’ which happened on the morning of Wednesday 30 September 2015. 


Moderator of the debate, Mr Cesar Bacani, Editor-in-Chief of CFO Innovation Asia (in the middle), with members of the Proposition and Opposition teams.

Comprising CFOs, senior finance professionals and industry experts, the proposition and opposition teams brought up strong and compelling points  for the motion – “In the midst of the digital revolution, Singapore’s largest banks today will relinquish their position as the dominant players in corporate finance in 2025.”

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